Caramel & I.jpg

Caramel & I (2020)

A film documenting an unintentional journey of Covid-19 in the modern world...

Type: Short film 34;00 min
Status: Completed

Released: No - festival preview


Bailey Adam as Bailey Adam

Tasneem Lohani as Tasneem Lohani

Reza Emamian as Reza Emamian

Sinai Noor as Sinai Noor

Charles Moor as Charles Moor

Rony Junior El Daccache as Rony Junior El Daccache

Dianna Bilska as Dianna Bilska

Gemma Caiani as Gemma Caiani

Written, produced and directed by Sinai Noor

Edited by: Evan Francis Jones

First assistant director: Golnaz Noor

Assistant producer: Evan Francis Jones

Music composer: Pejman Tadayon

Singers: Alireza Ghorbani


Poet:  Hz. Sa'di Shirazi